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Co-curricular Activities - [CCA]

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Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation - [CCE]

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National Children's Science Congress - [NCSC]

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Extra Curricular Activities

Extra curricular activity is considered to be the sixth finger of the man. Unless talents are recognized in the juvenile period, it goes vain. We, as perfect educators, promote these activities to mould the sprouting talents in our young Trinitians. “Creativity is the hall mark if a person”. Only conscious, progressive training and untiring efforts, can take them to the pinnacle of the success. Our Trust forests a high degree of competency in co-curricular activities to develop the overall personality of the student. C.B.S.E Continuous Comprehensive Education records the creative progress of each students on their report card.

C.B.S.E. curriculum has a 5 point scale grading for C—Scholastic activities which includes creative skills, performing Art & aesthetic skills and art education. Children from 4th standard upward are to undergo a compulsory training in either of the said fields in considerations to their natural taste and talents.

Health and physical education is marked in report cards against a 5 point grade. Yoga is mandatory to all students of The Trinity Academy from 1st std to 12th std. Games and sports campus are a regular, feature of our school programmes.

The following Co-Scholastic activities are available in our school

  • Karate
  • Key board
  • Carom
  • Chess
  • Classical dance
Parents are requested to encourage their children to participate in all games and sports and in at least one of the Co-Scholastic activities.