Land & Building

The School covers over 3.28 acres of campus with three multistoried blocks. One for kinder garden and other two for Primary and secondary with spacious classrooms.

Our Technology

In collaboration with leading smart class service provider, each classroom has a display screen, projector , CPU, as well as a whole range of syllabus with graphics , diagrams, illustrations and animations in 30 formats . It is a mind stimulating and has helped in improving concentration of the visual generation.

Our Playground

The school has achieved state-level success virtually in every area of school life including sports. The school has a sports field, Basketball, Volleyball facilities and separate Cricket Pitch.

Computer Lab

All Students from class I onwards learn computer language and operation. Computer science has also been followed up to the +2 level. The Lab provides Practical experience. The Lab is equipped with 42 systems with Net facility.

The Laboratories

To enhance the learning ability and skill , the school has an independent laboratory- for physics, chemistry, biology, Mathematics and also Language. Labs are powered with teaching aids, learning kits and best apparatus for conducting experiments.

Library Facilities

The library with its ever growing collection forms a central part of TRINITY. Students are encouraged to develop healthy reading habit and use the library effectively for their project work. The children have easy access to the library, where they can choose the books of their interest. The staff is willing to help and guide the children to the maximum extent possible. Books ranging from classics to science fiction are all available in the library.

Transport Facilities

To cater the needs of students, the Management has provided transport facility to all who need it.